07 Oct

Horse racing is one of the most popular spectator sports in Singapore. As one of the eight nations that comprise the Singapore 4d Horse Racing Association, Singapore presents an ideal venue for equestrian sporting events. The association's premier event, the Singapore Horse Race, attracts a sizeable number of spectators and devotees due to the glamour of the race and the love of horses. Horse racing in Singapore is also facilitated by a large number of race tracks that are scattered all over Singapore.

It is not just about the racing though. Singapore offers a host of other recreational activities for people who want to spend their vacation in this beautiful country. From golf courses to nature parks, there is definitely something for everyone in Singapore. There is even a zoos that allow you to feed and interact with animals.

Horse riding and polo have long been popular sports in Singapore and they continue to be so today. But there has been a sea change in the game of horse racing here. Horse riding and polo were seen as games for the rich. But now that the country has joined the global club of developed countries, it has become possible to own one of these horses for a reasonable price and also participate in public competitions.

Horse racing - Singapore pools has seen a significant rise in popularity among the locals and foreigners in recent years. This has perhaps been fuelled by the fact that the racing course at the National Stadium is always open to visitors during the off-peak hours. This ensures that the game can always attract a crowd and that many people can easily become enthusiasts. Even the local children seem to get hooked on the sport and are avidly following their favorite horses.

Some of the other reasons why the sport has become so popular include the fact that it is a cheap sport. Compared to other sports, the equipment required to be good at horseback riding is not expensive at all. The shoes however - depending on the breed - are very expensive. The trainers too are relatively expensive. But compared to the popularity of other sports, the investment made into equestrian gears is definitely a wise investment.

Horse racing - Singapore pools is also popular among foreign tourists because the game requires almost no equipment other than a simple set of equestrian boots. Hence, the visitors do not need to buy anything else apart from the clothes that the horse might need for the game. And because the sport is free, there is no need for them to make an investment into other sports equipment that they may require for their trip.