17 Sep

Do you want to know what is the latest Lottery news from Singapore pools? It is of course lottery news from anywhere in the world. But the good thing about this article is that we are going to discuss about some Lottery news from Singapore. Lottery is one of the most favorite games all over the world and more so in Singapore. There are even offices and online lottery game sites in Singapore for those who want to play the lottery game.

Like any other games of luck, the game of lotto also has its share of cheat. Although it is very hard to cheat, some people have been found doing such things and there are some lottery syndicates which tries to gain money through the number combinations that are being drawn. For you to be fair in your dealings with the lottery and win, it is best that you only concentrate on getting as many winning numbers as possible so that you will have a greater chance of winning. Here are some of the latest Singapore lotto draw winners and their lucky numbers.

The first winner of the Lotto Max promotion was a lady by the name of Jazzy Chan from JB New York. She was also a winner of the Lotto Max Plus game. Her winning number combination was 615. This number combinations is quite common and can be seen in the official website of the Lotto Max scheme. With this, Chan has been given the million dollar prize for her first win.

The second Lotto Max winner was identified as Mrs. Tan. From the look of her name, one can immediately assume that she is Asian since the first number that she used is also an Asian number combination. She has been a consistent winner for the Lotto Max scheme and has been getting some really good numbers. Her total prize after all the prizes was a million dollars. This makes it more understandable how lottery players are picking their numbers every time they place their bid.

The third Lotto Max winner was identified as John Lim, from Singapore. His winning number combination was 4ever. The official site of the Lotto Max scheme revealed that Lim spent almost six months studying the Lottery rules and strategies before he finally decided to get his number combinations registered. He is now very proud that he has been able to do it without the help of any help.

All of the winning numbers for the latest Lotto Max Singapore winner have already been published on the official website. All that the player needs to do is to place their bid and wait for the winner to be announced. This new scheme has really taken off in a big way and more people are now registering to increase the number of winning combinations. It is great that more people are being drawn into this game which is now becoming more popular every single day.