08 Nov

Who made football soccer? The answer is that it was nobody special. We have all witnessed the amazing skill of football players, but nobody seems to know who actually invented the game. In fact, there are more myths about who made football than about any other sport.

To begin with, the game of soccer was in no way related to football. It is a popular misconception that the origin of Singapore pools football can be traced back to Greece, where it was known as Association football. It may have started out like that, but it was not called Association football (a shortened version of Association footballer) until the mid 19th century. The name soccer probably came from a combination of two words: "soccer" and "ball".

Before the game of soccer even had its own rules, it was already widely played by many people all over the world. During those days, a normal football player would use a wooden stick to throw the ball towards an opponent goal. Since the ball was round and small, it had the tendency to travel so fast that it would be almost impossible to stop the ball in mid flight. Thus, it was necessary for someone to hit the ball with such a force that it could stop the ball in mid-air.

So how did this small football make its way to become one of the most popular games on earth today? Well, back then, it was mostly played by men. And it is only through football that a woman could participate in the game, unless she was married. Thus, football gave the chance for men to play with their friends without having to worry about their gender. This aspect marked the beginning of what we call organized football.

As time passed by, the game of football got developed into what we now know as football. Through years of hard work and creativity, football became the game that we know it to be. Nowadays, there are different teams that compete against each other in international tournaments. This has become another interesting story regarding who made football soccer. Some believe that the game was designed by an American while others say that it was actually created in Europe.

Who created Football Soccer? The answer to that question may still be up for debate. But one thing is for sure. Without the contribution of Europeans, Football Soccer would not have been the popular game that it is today. This just goes to show that even if you live in a different part of the world, it does not mean that you cannot appreciate a great game.